Manage Invoices
Manage Invoices functionality enables you to review a list of all your invoices, sort (customer name, date or amount), view / edit, recreate / email, mark as paid, and delete invoices
  • Quickly view all of your invoices in list format
  • Sort your invoices by customer, date, paid status, or amount

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Invoice List
  • View / edit invoices
  • Recreate the PDF invoice and optionally email or save to Google Drive
  • Delete an invoice
  • Mark invoices as paid
View / Edit Invoice
  • Edit an invoice (perhaps you need to add tax, update the price etc) to get your invoices out quickly without starting over

Recreate / Email Invoice
  • Recreate a PDF copy of an invoice
  • Email your invoice directly from Simple Invoicing
Delete Invoices
  • Delete any saved invoices from Simple Invoicing and your device

Mark Invoices as Paid
  • Mark invoices as paid. Help manage your finances by recording who has paid, and who you need to chase!

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